Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/3/2011 - Lunchtime in the Clouds...

Faithful Readers, as the 10th week of school continues: The Perkins Kids take a break to actually have a peaceful lunch at Lunchtime..... Stay tuned! Cheers! ©2011 T.N.Perkins IV All rights reserved.


  1. ive just noticed a lot of these dont have comments on them.. so i just wanted to say that I think ALL of these are amazing! i just wish I could keep coming up with ideas and execute as well as you do. i hope one day i can do this for my children too..

    take care

  2. these are all great and i love the different personalities you give you little "superheroes" as a son i would love my parents drawing these on my lunch bags. i not as good of an artist as you but i ok for a 14 year old check me out at

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  4. You do the world a great service by posting these Mr. Perkins. And an even greater one to your family by drawing them.

    -AM Fujita