Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey Folks! Welcome to the Lunch Bag Blog!

Hey there!

Welcome to My bit of silliness, The Lunch Bag Blog. Herein shall you find my daily excursion to amuse my three children by decorating their lunch bags. As an animation designer I draw everyday, working to bring the Saturday Morning Goodness to the masses... but each day begins my doodling for my three munchkins in the endeavor to give them a grin throughout their day at school. Take a gander. Mayhap something here will amuse you too.

-Thomas Perkins


  1. All Images and Text Copyright Thomas N Perkins 2010

  2. Thomas this is Janet, Sam's girlfriend...WOW!!! is about all I can say...talent definitely runs in the family and I am blessed to know all of you!